One of the things we find interesting about our neighborhood is that we are like a small city in our own right. With 7,800 residents, SoHa is larger in population than Brentwood, Eureka or Branson. Our “mayor” could be the SNA president or the “controller” the treasurer. The point is that each of us have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in our city-within-a-city’s quality of life without running for political office. By taking a turn serving on the board or chairing a committee you can personally influence a specific project or meet a particular need. All we ask for is a reliable commitment, and solid dedication to the neighborhood. Please seriously consider filling one of the following positions – you will not regret working with the other enthusiastic volunteers.


Volunteer Now!

Currently, we need resident volunteers to take charge in the following areas:

Promotion, Development, Marketing Committee Chair

Someone to reach out to residents to encourage them to participate in the Neighborhood Association by attending meetings, social events, volunteering, or joining as a member. In addition, the chair could develop a committee, and reach out to non-residents, encouraging them to patronize or “buy” SoHa. This could mean developing an advertising campaign or educating real-estate agents or potential business owners. Take this as far as you want!

Business Relations Committee Member

Committee members work with the Vice President to reach out to SoHa businesses and make them aware of the initiatives and goals of the Neighborhood Association. They encourage regular interactions with business owners and leaders, and establish an information sharing and cross-referral resource to keep as much business (and revenue) in Southampton as possible.

Newsletter Writer

Do you like to write? Contribute an article or column either every-other month or as often as you like on the history of the neighborhood or a stated topic from Newsletter Committee. Would not have to serve on the Newsletter Committee.

Newsletter Proofreaders

Do you like to make sure every comma is in its place? Do independent clauses leave you hanging? Catch what spellcheck can’t, and read the newsletter early!

Newsletter Advertising Sales Coordinator

This person would encourage neighborhood businesses to buy ads in our newsletter. Currently the newsletter pays for itself with ad revenue but we would like to add one or two more advertisers. We have our ad rates and contracts already developed.

Block Captains

We are always looking to expand the block captain network in the neighborhood. The block captain helps welcome new residents and plan block parties. Start an optional contact list or help residents to know who to call when they need to get streetlights replaced, potholes fixed, or problem homes taken care of. We already have a “how-to” list to get your block party started. Contact Safety and Security chair at safety-and-security@southampton.saint-louis.mo.us to volunteer as your street’s block captain.


If you are either a professional archivist or an amateur who enjoys collecting articles, photos, or researching our past, this job is for you. We also need people to organize our two tubs of files. Help as much or as little as you like, but help!


Do you enjoy taking high-quality pictures? Is photography your hobby or professional calling? Please consider offering your services by photographing scenes around the neighborhood that might be used for publicity, the website or Facebook, or historical documentation. The sun can create interesting shadows on Southampton’s unique architecture and landscapes.

Social Committee

If you like to have a good time, have great ideas, and get along with everyone, this job is for you. A great neighborhood does great stuff together. Help us have fun! Opportunities include helping with Association meetings, the Winter Party, Macklind Days, or go out on a limb by creating a special movie night or live music event in the wedge. Volunteer as much or as little as you like.


  • Microphone and Amplifier setup for General Meetings.
  • Record meetings for podcast posting on our website.
  • Organize neighborhood garage sale or other event.
  • Anything else you can think of!

These are only a few of the many opportunities to get involved with your neighbors, meet new people, and give back to this great city of ours.